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You can now create your own individual leagues with Friends.

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Recent reviews

I have tried countless sport fantasy sites and played on a couple of them - Long Haul Endurance is by far the best one I have stumbled upon yet!!

Becky Mason

I just beat the highscore of my colleagues last month by choosing the right players - so satisfying..

Arianne Schultz

If you are interested in having a league with your co-works then Long Haul Endurance is a highyl recommended platform!

Michael D. Holloway

10/10 would recommend, truly!

Lindsay Mader

What to expect

Choose your team mates wisely and be strategic about it!

It all starts with Knowledge

It's you who will stay updated with the latest stats in the games you are interested in.

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You can engange in other communities or stay within your community with friends.

The Best prices

Your Motto should be to play to win - What are you waiting for?

What you need to know

Step 1

Create your own League

Get your Hands on a individual League and invite your friends to joiN!

Step 2

Create your team

You choose who will be playing in your team.

Step 3

Challenge your Friends

Who is the best when you compete with your friends?

Step 4

Be the Winner

Beta is Open! Hit us up!

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