Practically speaking, the way that society interprets "sport" defines it.

What we define as "sport" in one context might not be in another; sport has many different manifestations and is always evolving in response to new directions, trends, and society norms.

Definitions of one or more closely similar activities that are "not" sport may also appear with definitions of sport.


A human activity with elements of competition or social involvement, physical effort and skill as the main focus, formal rules and behavior patterns governing the activity exist through organizations and is typically considered as a sport.

Organised sport

An activity's classification as "organized sport" is influenced by the level of organization or institutional structure that surrounds and governs it.

Sport participation

A "sport participant" is any individual who participates in a sporting event or activity in any capacity, including coaching, officiating, administering, or other enabling roles (paid or volunteer); or supporting (e.g., cheering, being a fan, etc.).

Physical activity

Every physical action that requires energy expenditure and is generated by skeletal muscles.

Active recreation

Activities done mostly with a physical component and a human focus for the sake of enjoyment, health and wellbeing, or relaxation.

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When terms (e.g., sport, recreation, physical activity, exercise) have comparable structures and outcomes, they are sometimes used interchangeably; when they differ, they are used separately.

Modified sport

Though they can take many different forms, modified sports are usually intended to be an easier-to-learn or more accessible version of an activity.

Social sport

In informal sport, social sport is the phrase used to describe participation in sport in a less formal setting.


Organised, competitive video gaming is referred to as esports, or electronic sports.

Adventure, urban, and extreme sport

Although not in the conventional meaning, fundamental components of sport (physical effort and/or talent, competition, regulations, and organisations) may nevertheless be applicable.


Generally speaking, active leisure is non-competitive physical exercise done for pleasure, health and wellbeing, or relaxation.


Play is the term for freely chosen physical activities done for enjoyment without following rules set by others.

Future of sport

Six megatrends will influence the sports industry in the run-up to the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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